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released October 22, 2013

See-You-Home-Wolf is:
Cameron Beckerdite - Drums, vocals, lead guitar, bass, percussion
Brandon Beckerdite - Vocals, guitar, bass, keys, percussion
All songs written and performed by See-You-Home-Wolf
Trumpet solo on 'Silent Things' performed by Ashton Beckerdite
Lyrics and album art by Brandon Beckerdite



all rights reserved


See-You-Home-Wolf Colorado Springs, Colorado

See-You-Home-Wolf is an indie/rock/progressive band out of Colorado, comprised of brothers, Brandon and Cameron Beckerdite. Their debut demo album, "Demon", was recorded by the two in their basement.

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Track Name: Garblers
Going away for a while
I've known it since I was a child
I was born sick
So what am I wasting my time for?
You've got somebody that haunts
You've got nobody to hold you
Now I am shaken grey with you
Track Name: Wake Up Living
Pain will never feel the same
Smile while you learn to say goodbye
When will I sleep tonight?
I know I've become a leach
Don't leave me in this city
And as I'm falling asleep I see
Lies aren't always wrong
When is autumn gonna come?
Something's got to change
I've ruined something for everyone
The moment I met you
And from then on
Fits me, basically, it's never gonna be
What I want it to be
Please just leave me
Take the good you got and get away
'Cause now that got you baby
I don't want it anymore
Wake up living, for God's sake
The demons I have made
But now that I got you maybe
I don't want them anymore
Lately I learn to lie
Odd across ecstasy
Take my mind away from my body
Stare into a mirror while
Time passed you by
Hope your eyes can heal the blight
I can't say no
And if you're going away
That's all right, but why?
Wake up, you used to be there
To keep me from falling
Off the side of you bed
Wake up, feeling left behind in time
Sadly now sister's gone
Sadly little sister's gone
Wake up, get out of your head
I'm not dead, underneath stairs
I'm curled, speaks this withered world
If it's the last you'll see of me
Sometimes you leave your family
And sometimes your family leaves
Please just leave me
Take the good you got and get away
'Cause now that I got you baby
I don't want it anymore
Wake up living, for God's sake
The demons I have made
But now I'm giving up
Track Name: Cocabean
Starry eyes,
If pity deep felt, help me die
You symptom of all that I got
My devine half-heart
Don't promise acceptance
Heavy-hands rival
Formation errors bite at birth
You never wanted me
Skin, you never wanted me
But what a shock
Don't try to shut your eyes Addie
Was it right to say
For a moment the earth seemed grey?
Out of the ground a spook cries out
Raise your arms and ignite the sky
Somewhere in disguise
Linger creatures of twilight
Willing and able
I the fridgid, four eyes are falling
And I wonder if I might never see again
That boy stirs next to sable hair
Stapled to the floorboards
And she's painting walls
Hard to forget these days
If I had an ocean
Then I'd feel sad for the rain
Sirens the distance from us
For chronic head trauma
And I'm desperately throwing the poles to vicious
Further in the night
I'll taste the blood of an imitation
Esryn, why aren't you
coming for me tonight?
I caught a glimpse of
A red-hot reflection
And the patterns in your face
They don't mean a thing
Now that they're gone
I don't know who the fuck I am
And this God's
Somewhere in disguise...
I was a fool who thought
The last thing I'd recall
Was the broken skull in my mouth
Nightmares of lost dreams
That try to catch us sleeping daylight away
We're buried out there
Finally something
You better believe in it
Track Name: Many Meet The Gods
Tonight the wake for promises
I know this, I'm here with it
Creeping this creaking black home
Shaking Earthward in speculum
And in slivers we swoon
Maybe we should talk soon
When I look back
I can't remember what I really want to
Just the bad words
And the bad days
Lost all sound mind
If God remains a mute
Blue eyes tell lies
And that's finally the truth
What if I can't find you
Breaking hearts like faith?
It's hard to look at
I never want to know
What it's like without you
Brace for that pain
It's gonna be a bad day
Find a way
Don't sin today
Track Name: Silent Things
While I was away
In the depth of a name
A break in the movement
And an erratic distraction
Eyes up and I'm awake
Nowhere close to where I want to be
Anyone else but me
I did what I could
I'm no fucking good
If you could take me away right now
There's no mistaking the hate
This world has seen
It's just the month of May
Might shine here and there, now and then
Tired of trying to get you to like me again
While I was afraid
Desperately I prayed
You can't escape me
No way out now
You have raped me
Through sickness and health and sin
God, where you been
For the passed ten years of my life?
Please heal my skin
If you could take it away right now
Then you could take me away
Track Name: Addie Ashes
I'll ask the night around me
But she'll tell me I'm wasting my time
So lonely, smoke surrounds me
As I ask myself why does she cry?
High drive in the warm sky
Your presence just filling my lungs
But I'd lie the whole night
If I was so sure you'd be gone
So stay or leave me this way
In love with the things you say
But I know that every spring day
Will take everything away
I sleep in the snowfall
In hope that she'll notice this plight
I search with the starlight
Little to no sleep that night
I look through the knock outs
Know that you'll know that some day
I know these loud doubts
But I've never bled this way
So take everything away
Track Name: By Hook Or By Crook
Madness, I am calling you out
I been homesick
Now I ain't trying to run away
But I need to get away
Don't think I'll just let you quit me
Something's gonna happen today
But I need time to wake up
And realize Hell has got it wrong
Why am I killing myself?
Just run away
Don't try to deal with this pain
Just run away
Don't let her see you in pain
Just shake it off
When we are clean
You will come first my love
Woke up with an ache in my body
No fear of God today
So don't wait for someone to hold you up
How do I know you care?
How do I find a ghost?
Wake up living, say you're sorry
Summer searing simply scarring
Smoke come rising up with
Something I can change or control
I'm giving all or giving up or
Running to the whip or
The snap if your fingers or
The sound of the whistle blow
How long since you really loved me?
Lost her today so burn me and the co-tenant
Honey it's been a long time, get right or be gone
Tell me where you are and that you're gonna leave
With no one left to love or to blame
Never felt so dead in this place
Hid behind the mountain scar
That's where the fire grows
Will the fire burn all of us alive?
Flies are following me
I might jut rot here on the ground
Esryn astral at sea
I'm scared it might come back around
No one in town is sleeping
Let's pray thu hold that line
Black hill hide in white snow
That's got me worried all the time
Think your life was hard then?
Look what you got yourself in now
Don't have the friends I used to
I can't feel anything but down
Awake afraid of my faith and hate
Cannot erase a face
'Cause if you don't want to quit then you won't
Oh, my God is not around
So I fear life instead
'Cause how am I gonna know
That I've died when I'm dead?
Just run away
Don't try to deal with this pain
Just run away
Don't let her see you in pain
Is there anyone out there?
Track Name: Aphonia
I am awake but I am not entirely
I am not killing time
It's time that's killing me
Out of the window
Through the branches I can see
I will surrender but I won't go quietly
Say there's a way to forget myself
Now as I wander I'm feeling
Unknown sets of eyes
And I am trying, yes I am
Wondering today
Keep trying... Keep trying
Would give you my last dime
Still it's some fault of mine
That won't let you get high
Without bringing you down all the time
'Cause when the world brings you to that
You've got to push it back
Find new drugs to cope
With an anxiety attack
You have a way of keeping me astral at sea
Incapable, incompetent in everything
Out of the dark there comes a comfortability
If I can't see you then
There's a chance you can't see me
Keep me awake or you're by yourself
Now as I wonder I'm feeling
Unknown sets of eyes
And I am trying, yes I am
Wandering today
Keep trying... Keep trying

You're never gonna know that it's gone
Unless you dig it up or come up with answers
'Cause I know people are ugly
'Cause I'm just ugly too
On the outside
God knows I've tried to be somebody else
But people are ugly
Guess I'm just ugly too
On the inside
God knows I've tried to be somebody